How deep must my koi pond be?

I am making a koi pond and need to know the optimum depth for it.

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  1. Sandy says:

    Your koi pond should be at least 3 feet deep. This is to prevent predators like herons (or your pet cat) from making a meal out of your koi. Koi would swim into the deeper parts of your koi pond to seek refuge.

  2. Mathew W says:

    There needs to be a section that is at least three feet deep, big enough for all the fish to hide in. Many ponds are built with a shallow shelf around the edge for plants to sit on. Raccoons or herons can stand on this shelf to fish, so the deep part must be large and deep enough to let the fish escape from this threat. Another solution is to use no shelf, and have plants in floating pots or in very tall pots.

    Plants give the fish places to hide from predators, and they help tremendously with water quality. Fish manure is plant fertilizer, and plants can keep a densely stocked pond clean with no water changes during the growing season.

  3. lady says:

    The optimum depth is 4 to 5 feet deep…minimum is 3 feet. Your depth will depend on where you live and how cold your weather gets. If you live where it snows and your going to leave your fish out, your pond needs to be at least 5 feet deep (you’ll still need to cover it in winter). If you live in a warmer place you don’t have to go so deep. Koi can grow to 3 feet long, so plan on a fairly large pond. A great source of info, and a place to get great pond building help is
    Good luck on your pond!

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